Crazy Ladies 2016, Part Two: Sunflowers

When the Crazy Ladies convened last year, we decided that each of us should make a 16-inch sunflower quilt block, which we would then slice and dice into four parts and exchange, so that each one of us would have one of each. Our assignment, should we choose to accept it, is to Make Something with these blocks.

OK, I need to make a point about this.

Starting from the top left, Pat Troth’s block is meticulously hand-appliqued. Yep, every one of those petals is sewn down. She was working on it until just a few minutes before the Great Cutting.

Jane Lee’s block (upper right) has a freaking needle-felted texture around the center of the sunflower.

Angela Green’s (lower right) has some petals sewn down, some left loose for depth, and a quilted center.

Then there is mine. I cheated. I disemboweled several fake sunflowers from Michael’s and used their petals. It would really look sorry if Jane hadn’t given everybody all these sheer petals that she ended up not using. So the heat is on—I’d better come up with something really good to make up for my earlier sloth.

Stay tuned.

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