My home base on Ravelry is a forum called “Fabulous and Fifty,” for women aged fifty and older. (We aren’t doctrinaire about it, though. We admit people who plan on being fifty someday. If you aren’t planning on eventually being fifty, please close your computer now and seek professional help.) I absolutely must check in a couple of times a day, because these ladies have really become my friends, although I’ve only met a few of them in real life.

One of the “hardy perennial” threads is devoted to patterns that are appropriate for us, but attractive and of the moment. I posted up several patterns designed by Yumiko Alexander, and this one, Lichen, found such favor with the group that we did our first-ever knit-along. Lichens are already popping up all over the country, in every imaginable color.

Mildred is modeling my contribution. (I’m sure that you are all relieved to know that I plan to wear it over a tank top, but Mildred is more of a Wild Child than I am.) It’s done in Dandoh Linen, an imported Japanese yarn that I absolutely adored working with. Its chainette construction makes it softer and easier on the hands than Euroflax, and gives the finished product an elegant drape. I am drawn to understated neutrals lately, and will particularly enjoy this when summer winds down into our long, lovely New Mexico fall.

And do check out Yumiko’s patterns. I have quite a few of her designs in my Rav queue, and I like them so much that I bought her book, Rustic Modern Crochet, in order to make Bridges. The odd thing is, I don’t actually crochet, but fortunately some clever people on YouTube do, and they were very helpful.

3 comments on “Lichen

  1. I knitted ‘Forest Weave’ by Yumiko and love it. I really ought to add it to my Ravelry library. Lichen looks fabulous – but needs underthings in the same way as Forest Weave.
    I will sign up to your Fabulous and Fifty – I definitely qualify on age!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


    • Forest Weave is in my queue, too, and I am finishing Sand Dunes. There is something about her designs that seems so wearable, both for where I am in life and for where I am living now (New Mexico), where I don’t get a lot of wear out of worsted-weight wool any more.

      Yes, do come visit Fab and 50! We’re a congenial bunch, though I say it that shouldn’t. We have ongoing discussions on clothes and shopping and what-not, but we talk about everything under the sun.


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