Sand Dunes


Mildred can really be reproachful. Having been very busy with house guests, I had not had the time to finish my knitting WIP or to sew up the vest that I cut out weeks ago, and she has had nothing to do. Every time I walked past my neglected sewing room, I could hear her complaints. “You dragged me out of the Amazon warehouse for this? Why don’t I have anything nice to wear? Hey! I’m getting cold over here!” Whenever I would go into the room to drop off another magazine or the patterns that came in the mail, I swear I could hear her wooden foot tapping in disgust.

But now all is forgiven. She finally gets to model my newest FO—and just to sweeten the deal, I let her borrow a necklace to set it off.

The pattern is Yumiko Alexander’s Sand Dunes. The pattern went together very well, and I really like the neck finishing; after picking up the neckline stitches, you knit seven rounds. Then, changing to a smaller needle, you work 5 (I needed 6) rounds in ribbing, and, without binding off, sew the live stitches to the pick-up row. It gives the neckline a really nice feeling of support, and keeps it from being too floppy. (One caveat about the pattern: There is no schematic, and the instructions for the armhole depth are given in numbers of rows. The pattern specifies a row gauge of 7 rows per inch, and the armhole depth, from underarm bind-off to shoulder shaping, is 70 rows. So the armhole needs to be 10 inches deep, and never mind the row count if your gauge is different.)

The yarn is Jupiter Moon Farm’s Zooey, a textured linen and cotton blend. It’s a little on the splitty side, but I do like the resulting fabric. I am sure I’ll wear it to death.

Now that I know what a slave driver Mildred is, I’m going to get my skates on and get to work this weekend. The next knitting project is still in the design phase, but there are plenty of sewing projects in the pipeline.

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