Spinning Around

I am fortunate to belong to a spinning group—the textile kind, not the exercise kind.  The membership consists of Kay the Maven, who has been spinning for donkey’s years; Kate the Spindle Queen, who produces better stuff with a spindle than I have so far with a  wheel; and Deb and I, who get frustrated often and even think about getting rid of our wheels, but haven’t so far because every now and then, something works out rather nicely.     We are either getting better or being fooled by randomness.

I hardly ever spin except when the group meets, because spinning is TOO relaxing–once I fell asleep and fell off my chair.  I like a good conversation to keep me awake. But I always come back from our meetings inspired, full of good intentions, and ready to do more.

Lately I’ve been spinning singles; when I fill up my small bobbins, I shall switch to the plying head and ply everything.  Unfortunately the current projects are dark, gray wintery colors, which is not at all what I am now in the mood for, so I really want to finish them up.

The bobbins above contain Targhee from Widdershin Woodworks, an independent dyer from Taos.  I had never spun Targhee before, and it was a real pleasure. I have several other bundles of Michelle’s fibers, and really like her colors.  I find her stuff at Mooncat Yarns in Taos.

The dark plum is from the Endless Merino Pile.  Shortly after I got my wheel, I attended a Convergence and bought what I guesstimated would be enough of this Ashford merino to allow me to spin a sweater’s-worth of yarn.  What can I have been thinking?


Friends, there are no words to describe how tired I am of this dark, depressing stuff.  So I spin a braid or two of lovely hand-dyed roving, and then I make myself do another skein of plum merino.  At this rate, I’ll be ready to knit my sweater when they cart me away to a home–and presumably, by that time my memory will be shot and I’ll think it’s new and lovely.



3 comments on “Spinning Around

  1. I have spinning for the past couple months… and it is surprisingly relaxing… are you dyeing the wool… I have been playing around with natural dyes and there are some amazing colors that can be created if you do it right… (I have also ended up with some “dirty” browns… ). Had no idea there were “groups” for this.


    • Every time we move, the first thing I do is seek out my textile posses–knitters, spinners, quilters… I join the local guilds, and the next thing you know, I have a boatload of wonderful new friends who share my interests.

      I’ve done some things with acid-based dyes on wool, but I’ve never tried natural dyes. Many years ago, when I was first thinking of dyeing, the only people I knew doing the natural dyeing were producing great abundances of colors I didn’t like and couldn’t wear. But now I’m seeing all kinds of gorgeous stuff from natural dyers. Last year at the Taos Wool Fest, I bought some lovely logwood-dyed roving and some indigo Cormo yarn.

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