Once More, With Feeling

Well, the sweater vest I began in ““The Genesis of a Sweater”” has already made a trip to the frog pond.  The stitch pattern I had chosen, with all of its twist stitches, was just hard enough on my hands in this rather stiff Rowan cotton yarn that I began to unconsciously loosen my stitches, and by the time I had gone through the first skein, I realized that the resulting product was not only oversized, but big enough to fit me and a couple of my closest friends.  Sigh.

I did a few more swatches, but wasn’t finding anything that lit me up.  I was looking for a simple allover pattern with a subtle texture, in a gauge loose enough to make a fabric that was a bit more relaxed than this yarn usually produces.  I was finding no joy anywhere, and was starting to think that I should come up with another project entirely for this yarn.

Then a remarkable coincidence occurred.

I was paging through my binder of cardigan patterns, and I came across one by a friend of mine whom I know through the Dropped Stitch Knitters–the Albuquerque knitters’  guild.  It’s the Easy Breezy Short Sleeve Cardigan, by Eda Weddington.  Eda used what we used to call “condo knitting” to produce the fabric–it’s a simple stockinette stitch, using size 7 needles on the knit rows and size 11 on the purl rows. And darned if that didn’t turn out to be the very thing I was looking for!


The photo doesn’t really do justice to how nice and endlessly useful Eda’s sweater really is, by the way.  She did a version in black cotton/rayon that won a ribbon in the State Fair, and  it felt so wonderful that everyone in the whole guild wanted one for summer. She specifies cotton, rayon or bamboo yarns, which is a good call because this technique needs a bit of extra weight to hang nicely.

And mine (which, as you may or may not recall, was inspired by this RTW sweater) will be just like hers.  Except that it will be long instead of short, oversized instead of fitted, with a longer v-neck, a different edging and pockets–but just the same otherwise!


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