A Quick and Useful Knit

Last night I finished Courtney Kelley’s High Relief Dolman, from the Spring 2013 issue of Knit.Wear. I think it will be a handy little item, especially for spring and fall transitional weather, and it went together quickly. It’s a great social knitting project; even the garter-stockinette pattern in the yoke is easy to do while you’re talking about anything but politics at a knitting group. I like the dolman shaping and the short sleeves, which makes it easier to live with than a long-sleeved dolman that doesn’t want to be stuffed into a coat.

At first Mildred didn’t think too much of this; she thought it was kind of blah.  But then she tried it on; the wonderfulness of the yarn soon changed her mind, and I had to fight her for it in order to wear it to knitting group this morning.  It’s Louisa Harding’s Azalea, a 100% cotton, speckle-dyed DK yarn.  It’s hard to believe that it is 100% cotton.  It’s softer than a mercerized, yet smoother and silkier than a non-mercerized yarn, so I would have thought that it had a touch of rayon or silk or Tencel.  It has an almost crepe-y feel, but not as dry.  One of my friends felt the fabric and went right home and ordered some, and another rejoiced because she already had some in her stash, and went right home to cast on.  It comes in a nice assortment of colors; this one happens to go with just about everything I own.  This photo shows the colors and the yoke pattern:


The yardage is good, too, at 265 yards per skein.  I have over a skein left, and think it might be fun to do a little cowl to change the look, maybe in the same stitch pattern as the yoke.

Mildred wants me to order more of this yarn Right Now, before it goes away. You wouldn’t think it would matter to her, but she thinks I need to do something long-sleeved.

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