Window Shopping on Capri

Capri just might be the most beautiful place I’ve ever been.  Magnificent gardens and ocean views, beautiful villas and hotels, inviting narrow streets lined with lovely shops and charming cafes bedecked with flowers and colorful awnings–everywhere you look, there is a feast for the eyes.  And really, that would have been more than enough.

But they knew I was coming, so they filled those shops with linen (my favorite fabric in the world), a few other fabrics, and sewing ideas.

And I thought that my sewist and fashionista friends might like to come along. As you can see, there is a lot of glare on the windows, for which I apologize–you might want to bring your polarized sunglasses.

According to our guide, Vincenzo, the famous couture collections arrive on Capri first–before Paris, New York or Milan.  (He also said to watch out for celebrities, who come to shop.  A musician and musicologist, he and his band were playing a gig on Capri a few years ago.  “And there in the audience was Steven Tyler!  From Aerosmith!  We lost the mojo!  Right that minute!”)

I wasn’t looking for celebrities of the human variety–really, who needs Johnny Depp in the midst of all this fabric?  But there were other celebrities all over the place.


If you had this cute little dress, wouldn’t you be tempted to carry that that pot of geraniums around with you as an accessory?  I know I would.


IMG_0482 (1).jpgIMG_0484.jpg

Sigh.  Somehow I don’t think these fabrics will be showing up in my neighborhood JoAnn’s any time soon.

There were tailored things for adults..



And kids…



But the Amalfi Coast is a resort area, so there was a lot of more casual clothing, which is more the sort of thing that I would be likely to make anyway. And many of them are basic patterns with easy modifications.







If you look closely, you can see DH and me reflected in the red top:



Pucci-inspired prints are very much in evidence everywhere:



As are colors that we don’t see very often over here.  I couldn’t wear this, but I liked the cardi:



It doesn’t freeze on Capri in the winter, but it does get down to about forty degrees Fahrenheit, and it’s a damp cold.  So they actually have a lot of cashmere, and the pieces that I fondled seemed to be of a very high quality indeed:



I got a kick of of this boho shop on the square:IMG_0548.jpg


But the two outfits that are keeping me awake at night, plotting and scheming, are this pants outfit…IMG_0521.jpg

…and this dress:



While we relax with a limoncello, I would like to add some educational tidbit, so that your time spent here will not have been totally given over to frivolity.  So I leave you with this insight into the geological history of Capri, courtesy of the ever-delightful Vincenzo:

“Thousands of years ago,” he told us, “Capri was part of the mainland. How do they know this?  They come to Capri and they dig, because of the archaeologies. And when they dig, they see, with their eyes, the mammooths! And mammooths cannot swim!”



5 comments on “Window Shopping on Capri

  1. I have always been curious about traveling to Italy and Capri in particular. Thanks for sharing. Gorgeous place! Even more tempted now. The linen garments are beautiful. I’m interested in what you may come up with.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Italy is well worth a visit (it was our second visit–the first was to Tuscany), and the window-shopping is the least of it. It just occurred to me, while I was walking down these charming little streets, that I wished my co-enthusiasts could see it.


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