A few days after our trip to Capri, we spent a day working our way down the Amalfi Coast from Positano–on the breathtaking Amalfi Drive as far as Positano to enjoy the views of the ocean, and then by boat to Amalfi to see the lovely views of the peninsula from the sea.  Positano is the gorgeous vertical town built on the side of the mountains that you have seen in many, many postcards, and once again, Vincenzo was our guide. (“In Positano you will see with your eyes the crazy roads and stairs and hills and buildings that inspired M. C. Escher! It’s truth!  He used to vacation here!”) Upon arrival, we had the morning to ourselves, so we wandered the charming streets and alleys.

Though not as upmarket as Capri, the streets of Positano still have plenty to inspire the textile enthusiast.  The shops all have outdoor displays, often color-themed, that will make you never want to set foot in an indoor mall again for the rest of your natural life.









And for the bambini:


And here is a “color inspiration” shot.  Look at the size of those lemons!  The ones here are larger and sweeter than the ones we get in the US, and make the most wonderful limoncello, granitas and marmalades!



So, how has this trip inspired me in terms of future projects?  This is a more casual, vacation-oriented area of Italy, so whereas our trip to Tuscany a few years ago just inspired me to try to pull myself together a bit better and made me wish I could spent 1500 euros on a perfect green handbag, this trip gave me some ideas that I can use.  So, if you follow my sewing projects, what are you likely to see–with your eyes?

Lighter neutrals, and lighter, brighter colors, and even more linen.  (Seriously, there is nothing like going on a vacation in Italy with a suitcase full of practical things that you can wash and dry in your hotel room to make you feel like a ratbag.) Some casual, hot-weather dresses to replace some of my shorts and crops.  It’s been awhile since I have done much with prints, but now that the quality seems to be improving, I shall take advantage of more of them.

This is one vacation that is really coming home with me.






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