The Perils of Art Fairs

I don’t have a Pain-o-Meter to test this theory, but I suspect that makers of things suffer even more at art fairs than do non-makers.  Like them, we suffer the agony not having won a lottery recently, and not being able to indulge our wish to fill every aspect of our lives with beautiful, hand-made goodness.

Unlike them, we suffer the urge to race home, go to our room and make things–either the sorts of things we usually make, but inspired by the ideas that we saw, or entirely new kinds of things that we have never made, or don’t usually make, or will have to sign up for years of classes to learn to make.  Or maybe we rush home and spend an hour or two Googling classes and purveyors of supplies. Or all of the above.

Which is how I came to make this macrame wrap bracelet with agate beads.  Mind you, the bead artists at the New Mexico Arts and Crafts Fair, where I was yesterday, make objects of such fabulous beauty and complexity that they would hurt themselves laughing at my feeble attempt, but I will get some use out of it. (Who knew that I wasn’t done with macrame?  The last time I did it, I was making plant hangers in the 1970’s. And really, were there ever any better plant hangers than those?)

And since string was involved–in this case, Tuff Cord #3–I will call it a textile project and get a blog post out of it as well. Versatile stuff, string.

Of course one never comes home empty-handed from an art fair.  In addition to simple silver earrings to replace my lost default pair, I adopted Spike:


He is a found-object roadrunner, made of, among other things, a railroad spike.  He was made by Gilbert Candelaria, a very pleasant guy whose whole booth made me smile. The other members of my funky animal collection are making Spike feel welcome.


4 comments on “The Perils of Art Fairs

  1. If you don’t watch out, you are going to find your home filling up with spider plants and ferns (only readers who were of age in the 70s will get that)! I love Spike!


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