Not-a-Tee-Shirt III

It is hot, hot, hot.  Neither Mildred nor I want to wear any kind of top except floaty linen tank tops that hardly even touch us.  And I am too lazy to sew anything very challenging right now, so this top worked on all counts.  Mildred isn’t letting me take it off her; she says I owe her after making her wear that toasty poncho yesterday.

The top is Butterick 6355, which I decided to do in two different lightweight linens rather than in a single fabric.  The pattern is a pleasant collection of two elliptical-hemmed tanks and one tee–plus one top with sleeves but no shoulders or upper arms.


On the one hand, it would drive me crazy to wear it; on the other, I do have a “farmer’s tan” that I would like to get rid of, so…  But poor Mildred couldn’t wear it at all. I will probably make one of the other views on another lazy sewing day, though.

The printed linen is from Marcy Tilton’s website, and the black is from




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