Not-a-Tee-Shirt IV

So here we have the Sewing Workshop Mimosa top in a rayon batik–the latest in the series of loose, casual summer tops that aren’t just t-shirts, and which presumably won’t make me feel like a ratbag. Though I don’t know–this kind of heat is pretty much ratbag weather, no matter what.  But we can hope.

I have had this pattern for many years but never got around to making it, so last weekend I blithely cut out my usual size and started sewing this morning.  The pattern went together like clockwork, but when I first tried it on, pinning it where the buttons were supposed to go, I wasn’t wild about it.

The fit was a bit close to the body, and with two layers of fabric almost all the way across the front, it felt too warm and close. It would make a great winter vest, but it wasn’t the flowing sort of top I wanted for summer.

So I started playing with button placement, and finally came up with this version where the top of the front hangs more on the bias rather than stretching straight across the bodice. (There is a third button on the inside to keep it from flapping open.)

Mildred suggested that we go out on the front porch for the photo, in hopes of getting more accurate colors.  The colors in the photo below are indeed closer to the fabric, but as you can see, the wind was really kicking up.  So you pays your money and you takes your choice.  top2

She stood in several places, but it was a problem everywhere, and the back yard was too bright and full of visual clutter.  Oh, well. At least we know the buttons work in the wind.

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