OK, This One IS a Tee

The last of the summer tops.  The fall issue of Vogue Knitting has arrived, so I am close to declaring summer over and done with.  And not a moment too soon.  It’s so hot that Mildred gets resentful when I ask her to put anything on!

This is a variation of the Sewing Workshop Eureka tee–possibily the easiest pattern ever. And if you check out the site’s gallery, you will see that it’s been the basis for many creative variations.

I had had the idea of combining knit and woven fabrics knocking around in the back of my mind for some time, but given the limited choices in fabric stores nowadays, never was able to put together a project.  So when Sewing workshop came up with a kit and tutorial to do just that, I thought I’d give it a go.

The striped fabric is a cotton/bamboo/Lycra knit, and the printed fabric is linen.

I followed the directions in Linda Lee’s blog post on this version.  If your machine does not have built-in dual feed, a walking foot is essential.  Linda suggests sewing the seams with the knit on the bottom so that the feed dogs will deal with any tendency to pucker, but I still found puckering to be an issue.  It helps to remove the pins as you come to them, and to keep your right hand under the fabric, making sure that everything is absolutely smooth.

This is what the back looks like:


The hardest part was the neck binding. Anyone who has ever tried to iron a linen tablecloth knows how linen wants to stretch and become distorted on the bias, and even though I was very careful, the neckband did stretch a bit.  I mistakenly thought that it would be all right after it was topstitched in place, but I had to remove it, cut it down, and re-stitch it.

“How long did that take you, Roxane?” I hear you ask.

An entire hour-and-a-half episode of “Midsomer Murders,” as a matter of fact.  But I managed not to poke any holes in anything, and though I could have cut the binding down even a bit more, I’m leaving it as is.

One more summer dress, and I will declare the summer sewing season finished!



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