On Ravelry, my home base is the Fabulous and Fifty forum, a wise and wonderful group of Ladies of a Certain Age with whom I must check in several times a day or life will simply not be complete.  YarnoverATL, one of our members, knit Ambah O’Brien’s Torquata, and everybody flipped out over it.  A knit-along was born, and even YarnoverATL decided to do another one as a gift. I dithered a bit, since I had just done a shawl, but only for a minute–of course, I was in. You don’t want to be left out on Fab and Fifty.

YarnoverATL used a gradient set of Miss Babs’ Yummy 2-ply merino superwash fingering yarn, and was delighted by the quality.  The gradient set consists of six skeins–each of which is about a third of a standard 420-yard skein of fingering-weight, which is perfect for the pattern–each color panel used up almost all of each mini-skein.  Another full skein is necessary to do the garter stitch bands.

Some of our members, with larger and more inspiring stashes than mine, are working mostly from their own collections, and are coming up with some really lovely combinations–using variegated yarns for the garter bands or just mining their apparently endless stock of solid colors.

But many of us checked out the Miss Babs website and looked no further.  She has some wonderful color combinations, and our choices weren’t easy.  This one is the Grand Bazaar colorway, with an extra skein of Fleur de Sel for the bands.  In case you can’t tell from the photo, it has dark and medium versions of gray, violet and rosy brown.


I really like this yarn–it is deliciously springy and has great stitch definition.  I am used to knitting fingering-weight shawls on size six needles, but this pattern was done on fours.  The resulting fabric has a wonderful weight and heft that I simply love.

“Just how hefty and wonderful is it, Roxane?” I hear you ask.

It is so hefty and wonderful that I want to book a chilly red-eye flight to somewhere just so I can take it with me on the plane. And Mildred says that it’s starting to get chilly at night, and it’s so cushy that she doesn’t want to give it back.

The pattern was fun, too–an easy-to-memorize design that makes for good TV knitting, with color changes to keep you interested.  Three weeks, start to finish.

I can see why YarnoverATL is doing another one!


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