One Tunic Three Ways

Sometimes you luck out and come across a really great pattern. So you go with it. This is Butterick 5925, by Katherine Tilton.

“Just how good is this pattern, Roxane?” I hear you ask.

It’s so good I had to write a limerick. Are you ready?


A Limerick

There once was a lady named Kathern
Who knew how to draft a great pattern.
It’s so easy and fun
That you can’t make just one,
And it won’t make you feel like a slattern.

Thank you, and remember to tip your waitress!

It goes together a treat, and I love the fit. All I did to the pattern was shorten the sleeves a bit, which is pretty much the usual thing for me.

Pictured above is the three-fabric version. The fabrics are one of Marcy Tilton’s “Cool Combos,” and all the fabrics are very high-quality rayon-lycra knits. Between monitor issues and not being able to judge the weight and feel of a fabric, it’s really hard to pull together a good combination, especially with knits, so I really appreciate it when fabric vendors go to the trouble of putting together kits. With three one-yard pieces, there are plenty of options for putting this together. The side view shows the insert/pocket detail a bit more clearly:



This is the single-fabric print version. It’s another rayon-lycra knit, but the quality isn’t as high as the fabrics in the first version. I usually avoid JoAnne’s except for notions, but this print caught my eye on the way out of the store, and I bought it on impulse; I’ve been kind of anti-print for the past several years, but lately I’ve been seeing things I like again, so I’m a little more susceptible. If I get a season or two out of it, I’ll be happy. I chose to leave the pockets off this version, since I prefer to minimize seams in fussy prints.



Then there is the solid version. It’s a wonderfully soft cotton-rayon-lycra, and it feels terrific. But the color isn’t quite what I expected, and it’s been lying around for years, waiting in vain for inspiration. I basically made it so that I could stop seeing it in my stash, staring at me reproachfully every time I open the closet, and sometimes sliding off the shelf into a rumpled heap on the floor just to get my attention. Again, no pockets—this time because I didn’t have quite enough fabric. If it doesn’t play nicely with assorted cowls, shawls, scarves and jewelry, it will meet its eventual doom as a pajama top.


The timing for these is perfect. The awful heat has broken, the chile roasters are hard at work in the grocery store parking lots, and we are heading into the best time of the New Mexico year. Tops like these will be just the thing.

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