Two Things

The weather has warmed up again, but Mildred is nevertheless modeling my two latest creations for fall, and isn’t even whining very much about the heat.

The vest–a shawl with armholes, really–is Yumiko Alexander’s Wisteria.  It is knit in sport-weight yarn on American size 10.5 (metric 6.5 mm) needles, which creates a drapy, light fabric and makes it a relatively quick knit.  The yarn in this case is Malabrigo Arroyo, in the Arco Iris colorway.  I should probably have alternated balls of yarn every other row, because there is a lot of color variation even in one dye lot, as you can see. It doesn’t really bother me enough to motivate me to re-do it, though many people are less laissez-faire about hand dyes than I am.



I had made the sleeveless version of Marcy Tilton’s  Vogue 9193 in linen earlier this summer, and liked it so well that I resolved to make the three-quarter length, dolman sleeve version as well, and I like it every bit as much.  It went together very well, and although it has more handwork than is usually found in casual patterns nowadays, It was quick to assemble. I kind of like the topstitch-free minimalism of it.

I had been in the market for a dark green top for some time to layer with vests and shawls, because I have rather a lot of that color in knitwear, but I had been having no joy either in RTW or in fabrics. In my more paranoid moments, I imagine the managers of yarn shops waiting until I leave the store, then calling up a secret RTW/Fabric Annoyance Hotline, to report, “Roxane just bought X yarn in Y colorway.  Make sure not to sell any fabric that would possibly coordinate with it for at least five or ten years!” So when I found this rayon/poly ponte at, I jumped on it. I would have preferred, say, a cotton/rayon French terry, but beggars can’t be choosers, and this is really fairly nice.

I am still getting used to the term “ponte.” I guess we have no choice but to use it, since “double-knit” has become a swear word thanks to the evil reputation of the bulletproof polyester horrors from the 1970s.  It’s too bad, because “double-knit” used to denote a heavier fabric, for suits or skirts or jackets, and “interlock” referred to a lighter weight fabric of similar construction, usually cotton, that was used for tees, polos and turtlenecks.  “Ponte,” it seems, can be just about any weight, from a fabric as light as this to something almost as thick as the Neoprene used in wetsuits.  If we’re ordering, we need to pay attention to the weight per yard. This time I lucked out, but I had my fingers crossed.

So, two things finished, and Himself has gone fishing until Thursday.  If I look sharp about it, I might be able to crank out a skirt this week!





2 comments on “Two Things

  1. Both great garments. I had to go back and look for the dye variation so I wouldn’t be too concerned about it – and with hand dyed yarn it frequently seems to sort itself out after a wash or two anyway.


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