Comfort Food for the Closet

Everything I am doing lately is blue–cool, soothing, almost-neutral blues.  For me, it’s sort of the sartorial equivalent of comfort food, like macaroni and cheese.  Both of my knitting projects right now are predominantly blue, and I am in the middle of a run of denim and chambray projects in the sewing room. Things that are a bit quirky but still practical enough to wear every day just suit my mood right now.

I had a boatload of some quite-nice chambray burning a hole in my stash, so part of it became a hybrid version of Lynn Mizono’s Vogue 1274.  I like both the long and short views, and in the end I split the difference, lengthening the short view a bit to make sure that my stomach doesn’t stick out if I raise my arms.  Much as I love the long view, I was afraid that having the side flanges button in the back would be a nuisance, and if they were left unbuttoned, they’d probably hang to my knees.  So I lengthened the short version by about three inches.

The cuff treatment on this pattern is rather nifty, too. The sleeves have miniature versions of the side drapes, which are simply buttoned in place.


One thing about sewing: it certainly teaches you humility. I was getting close to the end (“smelling the stables,” as Himself would say), and beginning to prematurely congratulate myself on getting through with no major screw-ups, and what must I do but cut through the bar tack on the very last buttonhole, so I had to fix it by hand. Luckily it’s on one of the cuffs–the one I am not showing you in the photo!

And I finished a denim version of Marcy Tilton’s Vogue 8499 a couple of weeks ago.

Did Mildred have a fit over this one!  She locked herself in the bathroom, crying her eyes out, for fear that she had Let Me Down.  With the best will in the world, she is simply too short to model long skirts, unless she climbs up on a dining room chair, and that only works when the skirt is full enough to hang over the back and drape around the seat. She was distraught–distraught, I tell you.

Then I pointed out that she is also too slim to model my skirts, and she perked right up.

Clearly there was nothing for it but to do it myself.  The way I do this is to find Himself, who happened to be working in the yard, and hand him my phone. What he sees is what you get.


The local university Continuing Education Department is offering a lecture this winter on “How to Take Less Crappy Photos.” Really, that’s the title. Maybe it is something that we  could do together.

The pockets are totally non-functional. They go almost to the hem, and if you were to drop, say, your phone  into one of them, you would have to go through all kinds of calisthenics to retrieve it. According to one review I read, some people have sewn a seam across the pocket to make it more practical, but I can’t see doing that in a fabric where the seam would show, unless perhaps one embellished the pockets with pin-tucks or other details that would hide the seam. And it is designed to be 36″ long, which I thought would be a bit of a pain getting in and out of cars, so I shortened it by three inches.

Still to come in the denim and chambray series: a jacket, and a vest made from old jeans.  Because filling the closet with mac and cheese would be a mess.


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