The Fiber is Plied–Long Live the Fiber!

When it comes to spinning, I am entirely dependent on my dear spinning group–Deb, Kay and Kate–for motivation.  I can hardly even do it by myself, because it’s just too relaxing. Once I nodded off and fell off my chair.  So it’s not just that my group keeps me inspired, which they do; it’s that they keep me awake. So, needing motivation, I invited them over next Wednesday. They’ll bring the inspiration; I’ll make the coffee.

Even my husband is doing his bit to guarantee the success of this event. Last night he said, “Well, if your friends are coming on Wednesday, I’ll make sure all the cat barf is cleaned up Tuesday night.” Aww.  (Ever the chemist, he has perfected an elaborate cat barf extraction process, involving the use of gravel from the front yard as place markers for the final rinse, so I just let him get on with it and remember to watch out for stray bits of gravel.) But I digress.

Somehow, just knowing that the group is coming really helped. The bobbins that I use for singles were all full, so I did some plying ahead of time. Two of these bobbins contained singles that had been sitting there for a year, and my friends were probably as tired of looking at them as I was.  So I plugged myself into an audiobook (P.D. James’s Original Sin–the one about the publishing house) and got to work.

First up was the Targhee from Widdershins, a Santa Fe dyer and one of my favorite fiber sources.  This one actually has possibilities. It goes rather nicely with my BBPM (Boatload of Boring Plum Merino, pictured below), and I have a mauve-to-gray gradient set that is another good match.  Kate has recently improvised a really cool vest from several of her yarns, and this skein could be the genesis of something like that.



Then there was this batch of Polwarth/silk, also from Widdershins (which spins like a dream, incidentally). This has been around awhile, too, because I blogged about the singles last May. I must have been challenging myself to make as even a fingering-weight as I could, because that is how it turned out, which never would have happened if I hadn’t been thinking about it.  I actually prefer my wonkier, textured stuff, but this will make nice fingerless gloves or something.


All of this industry leaves me with four naked bobbins, so when my friends come on Wednesday, I will start filling two of them with this alpaca/silk from Greenwood Fireworks:


I’ve never seen a top quite like this, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it works out. But it might be another year before I find out.

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