Knit Happens

Even when I am not posting, and even when my sewing mojo has gone completely down the drain, knit just… happens. They will probably have to pry my knitting needles out of my cold, dead hands at the morgue. Then, too, when one is slogging away on an oversized sweater in fingering-weight yarn, there just isn’t all that much to report.

The lacy version of Boxy, shown above, is finally finished. I really should explain the whole story behind this. The “bones” of the pattern is Joji Locatelli’s very popular Boxy pattern. It’s a great pattern, and looks terrific on just about everyone–I’ve seen several samples in real life, and one of my friends has even done it twice. But it’s an oversized sweater knit in fingering-weight yarn, so it requires mile after mile of stockinette stitch. For some of us, that’s kind of a deal-breaker.

Enter a Raveler named Pooki. She apparently had the same reservations, because she looked at Boxy, and she looked at Kate Erin Archer’s Cancun Boxy cropped lace top, and she put the two together. Her resulting Lace Boxy promptly became the most-favorited project on Ravelry–which is how I, among many others, came to copy it.

It was actually a fun knit–I just basically knit a stitch pattern until I got sick of it, then switched to another. (I did swap one of the lace mesh patterns for a similar one in one of Barbara Walker’s books, simply because it was easier to do in the round.) You have the option of working flat or in the round. And the Shibui Reed, a linen chainette yarn, was much nicer to work with and produces a drapier fabric than the Euroflax that Pooki used (and that I have used on other things).

Boxy is a great pattern for people who suffer from Second Sleeve Syndrome. The body of the sweater reaches out to the elbow, and all you have to do is pick up and knit two little tiny six-inch sleeves, suitable for a T-Rex. They fit rather snugly, and anchor the billowy sweater nicely. I’ll wear it over a charcoal gray linen jersey tank top.

Since this sweater violates my rules for travel knitting (I insist on one-skein wonders), I left it at home when we took a lovely two-week Road Scholar Spanish Art trip to Madrid, Toledo, Cuenca, Bilbao and Barcelona. (Insert enthusiastic rave reviews here.) For my travel project, I grabbed a gradient cake of Ann Podlesak’s Arianhrod sock yarn and her Rainbow Cowl pattern, and knit this:


I cast on the night before we left, and bound off on the flight home–which is exactly how the ideal travel project should work. It’s supposed to be a memento, not another addition to the UFO pile.

In other news, in May I mailed my first shipment to my knitting charity of choice, Wool-Aid. Except for the scarf, all of these things were done in the first five months of 2017:

IMG_1285 (1).jpg


And last but not least, this was the year for the Albuquerque Fiber Arts Fiesta, which happens every other year in May. It’s put on by all of the textile arts guilds in the area, so sponsors include several quilters’ guilds, two knitters’ guilds, the crochet guild, the local chapter of the American Sewing Guild, Las Arañas (the spinning and weaving guild), and the embroiderers’, lacemakers’ and dollmakers’ guilds. There are a lot of displays, which are very inspiring, especially to textile multi-taskers like myself.

There is also a vendor mall, and it goes without saying that I indulged:



The speckle-dyed skein is Wooly Wonka’s Aerten MCN sock yarn; the rest of the yarns are merino/silk blends from RedFish Dyeworks. The fabric is a Burma silk from Laura Murray Designs, and is about a tunic’s-worth.

Mike leaves tomorrow to spend a few days doing catch-and-release fishing–or as we call it, “pestering the fish.” I have spent some time with my sewing Pinterest page. The sewing mojo returns…


4 comments on “Knit Happens

  1. Wow, I am in awe of your knitting so far this year. My hands are busy giving up the ghost so I can only knit for short spells now which is devastating. I love the boxy top and all your charity knitting.


    • Thanks! I have been having a bit of an arthritis flare-up in the past few days–the first in a very long time–so I have been babying them. The good news is that I feel like sewing again.

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