The Toni Dress, Finally

So glad to have finished this dress, finally!  It had only been cut out for well over a month, and buried under heaps of Lord-knows-what on my sewing table. Really, I was amazed that all the pattern pieces were still there. But they were, so I made it, and here it is.

I fell in love with this pattern when I saw it on Kim’s blog, The Material Lady. It struck me as the perfect dress–it fit well through the shoulders, then fit loosely to hide the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to–and it has pockets! The fact that it has such a loose fit means that it hardly even touches me–a real plus in hot New Mexico summer weather. It requires a drapy fabric, so I ordered some eggplant silk noil from Thai Silks in Mountain View, California. (Silk noil is one of my favorite fabrics–soft, machine washable, great colors, and, you know, silk! And affordable! The only thing wrong with it is that autocorrect always insists that I mean “oil.” I keep expecting designers to rediscover it, but I don’t see it around much, except in my closet.)

I shortened it by about four inches, but two would have been enough. The lower hem is on the narrow side, and I was afraid that it might constrict my stride if I left it full length.  The only tricky bit of the pattern was the neckline, especially given Style Arc’s laconic instructions, but other than that, it’s a breeze.

Having virtually no neck, I wear it with the collar turned down, which is a bit unfortunate. Those with elegant swan-like necks get to wear it like this, which I think is terminally cool–kind of like the collar on Dr. Strange’s cape:


Alas, when I try to turn it up, I look like the Regency dandies who turn up in Georgette Heyer’s books. They are usually somewhat dimwitted, and they wear their collar points so high that they can’t turn their heads. Like this:


Oh, well. If I make it again–and I just might–maybe I can trim the collar height. Because I really do like this dress.


13 comments on “The Toni Dress, Finally

  1. That looks great on you! I’m sure you’ll enjoy wearing it with all of its benefits. I just completed my first garment I’ve sewn in probably 35 years. It was so fun to make that I’m now on the lookout for other patterns and fabrics. I might look for some silk noil in the future.

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  2. Thanks for making me feel good today! The Toni dress really is a winner – and yours is a fantastic colour. Yes, reduce the collar height for your next version – although it’s great for hiding in. I imagine that silk noil would be perfect for your climate (though totally unnecessary here in the uk where woolly knickers would be more appropriate 😉). I really need to dredge out that pattern and make another. Thanks for reminding me 😃

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