Why Cat Owners Need More Quilts

It’s not exactly one of the Great Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe. Cat owners need more quilts because periodically one of the little monsters will barf on one, and you have to be able to switch it out to launder.


Meet Chez and Cressie, co-captains of the American Olympic Cat Barf Team. They may look cute and innocent, but don’t be fooled–these superbly-trained athletes are ambulatory bags of pure vomit. (Can you tell I’m cranky because I’m out of quilt soap? And nobody in town carries the stuff I like? Hello, Amazon!)

And it isn’t as though they don’t have their own perfectly acceptable quilt to barf on. When no guests are in residence, this one protects the guest bed:



Sure, it’s a little faded. It’s been washed a lot, and I keep the shade up so that the Barfy Wonders can bask in sunny comfort.  And it’s all theirs.

But after I calmed down, I had to admit that it was time for a switch anyway, and I pulled out one that I hadn’t seen in awhile, and was glad to see that I still liked. And it was amazing how it felt like I had actually changed the season from spring to fall, just by changing from this


to this:



I skipped sizzling summer, because I am sick of sizzling summer.



Anyway, I need to make another quilt or two. What if they manage to nail two at the same time?

6 comments on “Why Cat Owners Need More Quilts

  1. Oh dear, you have my sympathy. I had a Siamese who was certainly the UK hurling champion. Bucket always at the ready.
    Having said all that I must now confess to severe quilt envy. All gorgeous!


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